AiM Data logger installed

The car is back in my possession after a 9month spell ‘away’. I believe I’m only a few weeks away from mapping now so will start to collate over the next weeks some updates with what’s happened of late – starting with the AiM EVO4S. Currently it only has 2 of the 3 sensors I provided running to it, the 3rd is present in the engine bay and goes into the main loom – but for some unknown reason doesn’t appear to be terminated back to the EVO4S. I am also without a wiring diag, and given the 2 sensors that are present are not labelled – I can not currently configure it!
I am trying to get the loom place to of course provide this information and then I will need to look at retuning it to have the 3rd sensor connected back to the EVO4S.

Day 2…Pro-Line Motorsport

Got back at 10pm from Pure and left the car on the transporter so we could head off the next morning (not quite as early mind!) to Pro-Line Motorsport who I am hugely pleased will be finishing the build from here 😎 . I’ve messed about far too long looking at the car and not getting any further forward with it, and whilst I’ve managed (hopefully!) to acquire quality items and plan the build pretty well thus far, it’s time for the build to take a professional leap forward in quality. Which is where Mitch at Pro-Line will step in and ensure the build is now finished to his exacting standards 🙂