Snetterton Trackday [25-01-20]

First trackday since the rebuild over the last couple of years, fortunately (despite taking out a cone!) everything went well and the car performed flawlessly really! Tyres were knackered so probably stick a set of Cup2’s on soon now that the Yoko AD08R has been replaced with the RS compound, which is not getting great reviews. Also brakes were a bit shocking on the day, I put new RBF660 fluid and a new set of EBC Yellowstuff in – which I’ve run a couple of sets before – but they did nothing but moan and grumble all day.
Overall though a great success; drove there, tracked it, drove home, still working now! And amazingly despite the ITB’s – no noise issues! First of hopefully many this year at last 🙂

It died, on track, again!

Track day at Castle Combe back on May 8th 2017 saw another engine failure! Other than that the car performed fantastically well, power and gear ratios spot on, handling balance with the new B14 kit and Compbrake topmounts and their respective geo and ride heights – spot on too. Very adjustable, rotating nicely on trail braking and the diff hooking up well etc, couldn’t have been more pleased….until! I basically forgot to check the oil level all day and right at the end of the day I got starvation around Folly and spun the bottom-end! Total idiot and expensive lesson to learn, but won’t be making that mistake again!
HOWEVER, on stripping down the engine it is clear that my old friend detonation had been savagely having it’s way. Whole engine is basically scrap and for now no immediate plans to “build” another high power engine…

Castle Combe Trackday [10-08-15]

Mega wet track day at Castle Combe the other day, good fun though and dried out late afternoon.

Failed the drive-by noise limits though on my first stint out! However when the static was re-tested it was 99dB (100dB static limit), so I was very fortunately allowed back out and to try shifting at 6000rpm (down from my 7700rpm limit) and see if that was enough to keep it in check. Luckily it was so I was able to enjoy the rest of the day albeit with an early rev limit.

Many thanks to BHP Trackdays for the leniency and a great day.