AEM X-Series Wideband [installed]

First of the winter changes was installing a wideband, decided on the AEM X-Series as it is reportedly the fastest unit on the market and using the Bosch 4.9 LSU means it doesn’t need frequent fresh air calibration. I’ve never had a wideband before but this in theory should be fit and forget, which is something I usually try to achieve where possible. It also supports 5v output if I decide to route that to the Standalone ECU.
The only conundrum was where to install the gauge, as I already had my SPA gauge in the drivers vent? I decided to grab a TomTom unit and gut the screen from it, install a sheet of carbon and mount both gauges in that. The only issue with this approach was losing the clock/radio display, which meant either ditch the radio altogether, or find something aftermarket with a screen – whilst remaining suitably OEM looking. After much searching I found the Clarion FZ-102E, and it certainly looks pretty factory in my opinion 🙂