AiM EVO4S + GS-Dash

I have been considering one of these for quite a while now, so finally got around to making a decision and buying 🙂 I thought about the new AiM MXm coming out but decided that this would be more flexible and tidier for the wiring on install. The are both essentially the same, trading a couple of features here and there, however the GS-Dash is also an alloy chassis whereas the MXm is plastic, and crucially it is just slightly smaller in its physical dimensions (from I presume being a stronger material and therefore can be thinner). This will allow for a better installation in the OEM SatNav dash unit – the GS-Dash being an almost perfect size. Currently I’ve got the 52mm gauges in there but these will be replaced by the AiM as I have also bought oil pressure, oil temp & fuel pressure sensors to run to the analogue channels. The EVO4S also supports a CAN feed from the ECU for logging all its parameters, so plenty of good data will be available. The AEM wideband will remain for now, and is moving over to the drivers dash vent (where once the SPA gauge lived) and I will try to take the 0-5v output from this into the EVO4S for logging – it’s easy enough to do with only a couple of wires.
Hopefully (given the cost especially) I will choose not to ignore this display and it might well save an engine (or 2!), I should be able to program the EVO4S based upon the sensor readouts to actively protect the engine, I’m thinking via the CAN output (which the MXm didn’t have) switching maps kind of thing?

It also of course has the GPS module and three-axis accelerator with gyro stuff built-in, and with the RaceStudio software has tons of track analysis and graphing options etc, far more than I need to be honest! But the nice thing is the GS-Dash will show lap times and sector info, with the ability to use the RGB warning lights as lap indicators. It will be interesting to see what sort of times I can run, not that timing is allowed on UK track days…! 😮