ITG Maxogen trial fitting

Trial fitting on the new induction setup. Using the AB65H airbox as used on the EP3 Civic Type R, this airbox according to ITG is able to flow 300bhp so should cause no issues on the Clio running up to about 230bhp.

Using this airbox has allowed me to retain the OE induction hose to the throttle body, most other implementations of the ITG kits I have seen use the RAB65 airbox attached to the throttle body via a 90deg bend. I wanted to avoid using a 90deg bend at all costs.

I have modified the battery surround too so that when the Odyssey PC950 battery arrived I will produce a carbon cover so everything looks neat and tidy.

Still need to fabricate a bracket to hold the ITG, but I will get Paul @ Tech 1 to make that for me. At the same time he can ensure the battery leads if they need to be extended or altered in anyway then it can be done properly.


Mapping results [aka Piston damage!]

Well fitting the R3 exhaust manifold and running unmapped for only 3 days has caused some pretty serious damage. Dan at SJM ran a compression test before mapping and found the car was only kicking out 170psi, about 20-30psi down on what a healthy example would be.
Seems that the manifold has caused the car to run very lean causing detonation, which has crumbled the pistons and fried the piston rings! Dan uploaded a generic pre-cat delete map to help stop things from deteriorating but ultimately custom mapping it would have been a waste of time. Looks like a rebuild is on the cards.

Here is the view from the bore scope:
Cracked Pistons

R3 Exhaust Manifold

The standard exhaust manifold on the Clio 3RS looks pretty junk really, it’s a typical cast item so weighs a ton, has very short primaries and also an integrated cat, neither of these things bode well for making decent power. To make things worse it also has a couple of flexi pipes which are prone to failure!
On the quest to crack 200bhp and on the back of a healthy RR run, the fitting of my new R3 exhaust manifold along with a remap and sports cat should see this easily achievable 🙂

The manifold is a stainless R3 manifold produced by hand in Italy by Aros. Fitting to a road car however is far from straight forward…

  • The works R3 rally cars have solid engine mounts so fitting this manifold on a road car in place of the stock one (which has flexi’s) would mean it would crack. The choice was to either fit a flexi or convert the front joint to a sprung flange to allow movement.
  • The R3 manifold is also a fair bit longer than the standard item so finishes further up the car, requiring the Supersprint centre to be chopped.
  • I also needed a sports cat to keep things legal.

On investigation I found that the older Clio 182 uses a sprung joint, and a little further investigation found that the 182 Miltek sports cat uses the HJS 200cpsi HD core, and these are pretty much the best cats you can get. The 182 cats have a slight kink in them before the cat mind, so it would need cutting and welding back on straight!
So I ordered the cat along with a genuine Renault 182 fitting kit, I now had all the parts but none of the skill. An entire day spent a Tech 1 Performance and Paul has done a fantastic job fabricating and installing. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Clio R3 Exhaust Manifold Clio R3 Exhaust Manifold Clio R3 Exhaust Manifold Clio R3 Exhaust Manifold Clio R3 Exhaust Manifold