Outside video

Quick and poor quality clip of the car from outside, basically last few posts cover most of the changes since the failure at Castle Combe, from this point I will ‘try’ and keep the blog up to date and with better pics. Though not much likely to change now until spring.

Exhaust changes and power run [232bhp, 189ftlb]

Took the car over to Regal Autosport to have the front manifold joint converted to a v-band and add a flexi to the Akrapovic centre – once finished it was put on the rolling road for a power run.

193@wheels, so a couple more than mapping – which is correct as of course the car after mapping would have been very heat soaked. Obviously a few % more on the transmission loss being used than at Track n Road, but basically looking at around a 225bhp figure give or take between the 2 sets of rollers.