Exhaust changes and power run [232bhp, 189ftlb]

Took the car over to Regal Autosport to have the front manifold joint converted to a v-band and add a flexi to the Akrapovic centre – once finished it was put on the rolling road for a power run.

193@wheels, so a couple more than mapping – which is correct as of course the car after mapping would have been very heat soaked. Obviously a few % more on the transmission loss being used than at Track n Road, but basically looking at around a 225bhp figure give or take between the 2 sets of rollers.

Radiator setup

Cars been back for ages, so just posting up some of the build pics. Radiator setup is Pure Motorsport with Twin fan kit, then modified to use AN fittings and all plumb with PROgold fittings in black and gold! Install and AN conversion by Pro-Line Motorsport.