ITG Maxogen and Odyssey PC950

After the trail fitting I knew everything was pretty much going to fit, but I needed the skills of Paul at Tech 1 Performance to ensure the battery would be safe and secure. I also needed Paul to make a bracket to hold the ITG. History shows my previous brackets tend to look a little, well, ‘make shift’…

Great work again by Paul and it was no easy effort to get the battery mounted, despite considerable time spent trying to machine enough room we were just mm from getting the cage in the OEM tray. Paul made a great suggestion to machine a slot in one side of the tray by which to hook the cage into, thereby freeing up plenty of room to secure the other side down the usual nut and bolt route. It fits like a glove, is mounted on 12mm thick closed-cell anti-vibration foam and even positioned it’s self so perfectly that the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ negative terminals didn’t require any alteration or brackets to fit!

It’s not the smallest or lightest battery, but at 9kg I have still saved weight and will definitely not have any starting issues with it.
I have a funnel still to attach to the cold air duct and also some carbon fibre sheet and edging to make a battery lid, but the whole thing is fitting great. Sounding great? Well I couldn’t say, I can’t even remotely hear it above the current exhaust setup, but that’s no real surprise!

Odyssey PC950 Odyssey PC950 Odyssey PC950 ITG Maxogen ITG Maxogen