….and more brake updates!

So despite the last refresh of new pads and rotors, I was plagued with brake issues again at Castle Combe. Potentially pad deposits – but potentially the rotor and bell expanding at different rates too.

So the hopeful cure this time is brand new Brembo calipers from Renault, new floating bells – and with the change of rotors, pads and fluid last time, that’s basically an entierly new braking system now. So if it’s still a problem…then I’ll be buggered if I know what to try next? Maybe metallic based compound pads just in case it was/is deposits.

Whilst having the MOT completed at the same time as the brakes, both drop links were found to be knackered and the source of some clunking I’ve been experiencing, so with those replaced it’s time to hit the track again (thanks to Regal Autosport in Southampton for sorting the car out).

Currently I have Silverstone booked for both the Nov 12th and Dec 5th, and potentially I’m thinking of trying Goodwood on the 27th this month, although I’m not convinced by the sessions based format :\

I went black bells this time on the brakes, so that the floating hardware would stand out more. I miss the old Gold bells as I did like that look, but overall I think this looks better – certainly more purposeful.
(Excuse the filthy wheels – not been washed since Combe!)