Castle Combe Track Day [6-07-20]

First track day since the [questionable science] UK lockdown restrictions, and the car was almost perfect. Engine, chassis, pretty much all that faultless – but brakes…again a let down! As soon as you really pushed the car and leant on the brakes properly it just shuddered and vibrated far too much, upset the ABS in a couple of places and certainly upset the chassis on braking – no confidence to trail brake the car this time around and so wasn’t able to lap as fast as I’ve done before.

That said, engine was mega, preferred it over the last forged single TB engine when I was last at Combe. Certainly thrives on revs more and doesn’t feel any slower at all.
I didn’t have the AiM data logger in the car on the last engine so I don’t know what top speeds I was hitting, but from eyeballing the speedo it was about the same. I think if the brakes had been sorted I would have been lapping quicker – but alas, no timing on track days and so it’s just something I checked when I got back in to the paddock (I mean there’s a data logger in the car so why not have a look right 😉 !

Few pics, found a Renault friend, and some hot looking brakes. I’ll have some updates on brakes soon.