Final results [227 bhp / 196 FtLb]

Back on the rollers the other day to check the mapping and ensure everything is ok now the first 1000 miles have been put on the engine.
Consistent results with last time and running fine with no signs of knock. I still however don’t have full confidence with the car yet, and I don’t think I will until the big cams and ITBs are on, so it’s time to speed the next step up 🙂

Can see the vacuum increase on the dyno plot below, so a bigger TB would probably give a little more power. However I think I’ll just jump straight to the ITB’s than mess around anymore on the stock inlet. It’ll be much better overall to take a nice clean cold air supply right from the front. Of course no concerns with cam profile when on ITB’s too 😉
Pretty sure I’ve decided on the ITB set, little peak of them below too!

Dyno Dyno Dyno Dyno