New induction setup

To replace the ITG Maxogen I was previously using I managed to track down the Cup Racer induction hose (well 2 of them!). Using this induction hose should mean I have decent my inlet tract is of a correct size with a smooth transition around the bends. I couldn’t install the Cup Racer airbox without moving the battery so I found a Green cone filter (K4.80V) with a bigger surface area than the Cup Racer Green panel filter to attach on the end of the hose.

For now this is just a temporary fitting, although since these pictures I have installed a bracket to support the front of the filter properly. The final fitting will be done after a back to back test on the rolling road vs the OEM airbox (fitted with a K&N panel filter). If this new setup proves an advantage then I will be creating some carbon fibre heat shields with rubber edging seals installed which press against the bonnet, and therefore shielding the filter from the heat of the engine.

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