Radiator setup

Cars been back for ages, so just posting up some of the build pics. Radiator setup is Pure Motorsport with Twin fan kit, then modified to use AN fittings and all plumb with PROgold fittings in black and gold! Install and AN conversion by Pro-Line Motorsport.

Day 2…Pro-Line Motorsport

Got back at 10pm from Pure and left the car on the transporter so we could head off the next morning (not quite as early mind!) to Pro-Line Motorsport who I am hugely pleased will be finishing the build from here 😎 . I’ve messed about far too long looking at the car and not getting any further forward with it, and whilst I’ve managed (hopefully!) to acquire quality items and plan the build pretty well thus far, it’s time for the build to take a professional leap forward in quality. Which is where Mitch at Pro-Line will step in and ensure the build is now finished to his exacting standards 🙂