Interior changes

Treated the car to a few interior changes over the last few weeks to improve the look and feel.

  • Madeno Racing Recaro CS lowered seat frame
  • RenaultSport gear knob
  • Momo Model 08 steering wheel
  • The seating position is much better now and you’re not left feeling as if you’re sat ‘on’ the car rather than ‘in’ it. The gear knob and wheel were frankly cosmetic…although to be fair the gear knob has really improved the shift being a much weightier item!
    Found a couple of unused Recaro stickers left over from the Recaro Apex seats I had for a while too, decided they would look good on the CS which is now possible to do as on the drivers side the OEM plastic cover is removed using the lowered frames.

    Finally a trip to see Paul at Tech 1 Performance to hook up the Renault Clip system and turn the airbag lights off, a job well done as always 🙂

    Renault Sport gear knob Madeno subframe Madeno subframe Madeno subframe

    IMAG0597 IMAG0598 Momo Model 08 Momo Model 08

    Momo Model 08

    Recaro Apex

    Not happy with the seating position of the Clio, feeling it’s a case of ‘on’ the car rather than ‘in’ it, I felt the next investment had to be some seats. The choices were narrowed down to either some OE Renault Recaro CS or Recaro Apex fixed back seats. The advantages of the CS’s were the ability to fold forward to retain easy access to the rear seats, also they do look damn good! However they are heavier and sit even higher than the regular 200 seats. I was therefore left with only one option really….

    Recaro Apex