The engine damage!

The prior damage turned out to be slightly more than anticipated, chunks of forged pistons missing and you can see in to the bore! This is down to detonation and was showing on all 4 cylinders (this one the worst). I think the rods, crank and cams are about the only stuff moving in to the new rebuild.

forged-pistons IMAG0678

Still the rest of the rebuild stuff has turned up, however it’s costing more because the detonation damage has taken out my original head and Supertech valves. Still I’ve got some decent prices off Engine Dynamics including another set of Supertech’s, so it shouldn’t be long before I can take the car to mapped properly at Ray West Tuning.

IMAG0676 Supertech Valves

Standalone ECU [SC Delta 800]

Finally I got around to getting a standalone developed for the car after planning for what must have been not far off a year. I approached Specialist Components as they had a Megane plug and play kit which we were hoping meant minimal work to adapt for the Clio…..oh how wrong that proved!
SC had the car for 2 1/2 weeks and the long story cut short was it required a whole new package developing including the ECU firmware and full CANbus decoding of the Clio. The Megane they had previously worked on was an early ph1 225 which shares nothing CAN related with the mk3 Clio.

The net result though is now I have full control of the engine to facilitate the next set of changes, and crucially the ECU is integrated into the car so that all standard functions (except cruise) work including all dash/trip functions etc.

You can see from the before and after RR graph that the car had yet again reverted to a terrible power figure despite RS Tuning having ‘fixed’ it once before. I’m fairly sure the root of the issue is down to the way the Sagem S3000 applies the trim tables learnt under closed-loop globally. The 403’s were causing the MAP signal to be very erratic on light throttle and at low rpm which in turn was likely causing significant fuel trim and ignition retard in those sites. That wouldn’t be an issue in itself were it not for the fact that as the trim tables are based on % and due to them being applied globally (because it is under the assumption that open-loop will also need ‘adaptation’!), then this is why it was seemingly not able to keep a decent map.
Maybe the Sagem could be played with further but really it would have been flogging a dead horse, and so a standalone and TPS solution was the only way.

Unsure the exact direction the engine will take next, but running TPS means bigger cams for sure. How big…depends if I go ITB’s (highly likely), and certainly a big valve head (spare 200 head coming). I think 240bhp and 180FtLB have to be the targets now, just a question of being able to try and do it under 8000rpm and not need R3 Maxi Evo lifters!

SC Delta 800 ECU SC Delta 800 ECU SC Delta 800 ECU SC Delta 800 ECU SC-ecu