Interior changes

Treated the car to a few interior changes over the last few weeks to improve the look and feel.

  • Madeno Racing Recaro CS lowered seat frame
  • RenaultSport gear knob
  • Momo Model 08 steering wheel
  • The seating position is much better now and you’re not left feeling as if you’re sat ‘on’ the car rather than ‘in’ it. The gear knob and wheel were frankly cosmetic…although to be fair the gear knob has really improved the shift being a much weightier item!
    Found a couple of unused Recaro stickers left over from the Recaro Apex seats I had for a while too, decided they would look good on the CS which is now possible to do as on the drivers side the OEM plastic cover is removed using the lowered frames.

    Finally a trip to see Paul at Tech 1 Performance to hook up the Renault Clip system and turn the airbag lights off, a job well done as always 🙂

    Renault Sport gear knob Madeno subframe Madeno subframe Madeno subframe

    IMAG0597 IMAG0598 Momo Model 08 Momo Model 08

    Momo Model 08

    KTR/Vibra-Technics Engine Mounts [installed]

    The other week I had the remaining 2 engine mounts installed at Tech 1 Performance. I had already the KTR lower torque link and Powerflex Upper torque bushing, but now have installed the KTR gearbox and main engine mounts too.
    They have made a nice difference which I wasn’t really expecting, improved turn in/general front end response, and just a general boost in the tactile responses 🙂

    Though not even a lousy mobile picture I’m afraid this time…so these Ktec product shots will have to do!

    Gearbox [rebuilt & fitted]

    As discussed in the last update the spare gearboxes I had amassed have now been rebuilt into 1 box and collected ready for fitting. The new baulk rings from Renault are now steel so hopefully will stand up to more abuse (or frankly just ‘use’ when it comes to these boxes!) than the older brass type.

    So today the car was dropped off at Tech 1 Performance for fitting. As always great work again by the guys there, car flew home and definitely feeling like it it’ll prove to offer up some noticeable performance gains when I get chance to test it out properly. Which incidentally will be at Castle Combe this coming Monday 😀

    CR box + Quaife Tech 1 Tech 1 TTV Flywheel TTV Flywheel

    330mm 2-piece front discs + Mtec rears

    Finally got the new 330mm Reyland discs and Yellowstuff pads up front and Mtec black edition and Mintex pads at the rear all fitted. Prior to fitting I used some high temp paint around the edges of the discs and in the J-hook’s on the 330mm brakes. This will help stop the un-swept areas from becoming too unsightly looking over time.
    The image with the black wheel is now showing the discs after they have been used, the pads have cleaned up the J-hook areas so that there is no paint left on the disc surface and are now looking much better for it. In hindsight I would send the front rotors off to be black zinc coated like the Mtec rears are, it was a lot of effort to key the J-hooks for the paint!

    Also another great job from Paul at Tech 1 Performance who fitted it all for me. All calipers were cleaned and sliders etc freshly lubricated.

    Reyland 330mm Reyland 330mm Reyland 330mm Mtec black edition Reyland 330mm

    ITG Maxogen and Odyssey PC950

    After the trail fitting I knew everything was pretty much going to fit, but I needed the skills of Paul at Tech 1 Performance to ensure the battery would be safe and secure. I also needed Paul to make a bracket to hold the ITG. History shows my previous brackets tend to look a little, well, ‘make shift’…

    Great work again by Paul and it was no easy effort to get the battery mounted, despite considerable time spent trying to machine enough room we were just mm from getting the cage in the OEM tray. Paul made a great suggestion to machine a slot in one side of the tray by which to hook the cage into, thereby freeing up plenty of room to secure the other side down the usual nut and bolt route. It fits like a glove, is mounted on 12mm thick closed-cell anti-vibration foam and even positioned it’s self so perfectly that the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ negative terminals didn’t require any alteration or brackets to fit!

    It’s not the smallest or lightest battery, but at 9kg I have still saved weight and will definitely not have any starting issues with it.
    I have a funnel still to attach to the cold air duct and also some carbon fibre sheet and edging to make a battery lid, but the whole thing is fitting great. Sounding great? Well I couldn’t say, I can’t even remotely hear it above the current exhaust setup, but that’s no real surprise!

    Odyssey PC950 Odyssey PC950 Odyssey PC950 ITG Maxogen ITG Maxogen